Our name, “Hikari”, is the Japanese word for light. Hikari symbolizes three things, that is, technology, speed and a beacon. Firstly, we work with technology that works at the speed of light, and that enables our attorneys with diversified backgrounds, even at distant places, to be connected to each other and work as a team. Secondly, we have a policy of handling any legal issues proactively and expeditiously, hopefully in the way light travels. Lastly, our mission is to serve as a beacon that our clients can rely on, regardless of the type of legal issues.

We are a partnership of legal experts, each with their own specialist field, converging as necessary into a team to deal with cases of a complex nature.

Hikari’s practice areas are:

Corporate Law/compliance
M&A/business restructuring
Labor law/human resources
Business turnaround
Financial law
Corporate lawsuits
Fight against Minbo
Intellectual Property
ICT/privacy law
International legal service
Civil litigation
Criminal Defense

We have many partners outside the firm - law firms, accountant offices, tax consultancies and other professional practices in Japan. Hikari also has partners outside Japan – Allbright Law Office of Shanghai, China, Taiwan International Patent and Law Office (TIPLO, a leading intellectual property law firm in Taiwan) of Taipei, Taiwan, Darae Law and Patent Firm of Seoul, Korea, Otsuka & Associates of Hawaii, USA and McDonald Balanda & Associates (MBA Lawyers) of Gold Coast, Australia. Hikari can deal with cases far and wide, Japanese and international. We have also become partners with Shanghai Bright-son Investment Co., Ltd. Bright-son’s main area of activities are assisting investment and business entrance to China and tax and accounting assistance. This partnership will prepare us to assist wide variety of cases in all areas of China.

Hikari’s office, located across from the main entrance of Toranomon Hospital in Tokyo, is easy to access by public transport. (See Map for directions.)

To contact us, please complete and send the Contact Form. A member of Hikari’s team will respond to you shortly.

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