Hikari deals with cases involving financial transactions and debt collection. Our clients include financial institutions including banks, non-bank financial institutions, debt recovery agencies, leasing companies, credit companies and investment companies.

With the enactment of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, financial instruments business operators need to abide by more strict rules of the release of their company information.Meanwhile, even funds for individual investors are required to be registered. Partly because the Act is still new and the provisions are very complicated, the changes are sometimes confusing and therefore it is difficult for the companies to understand what they should do to fully comply with the legal requirements. Hikari offers advice to our clients by closely working with the regulatory agency.

New financial products such as derivatives could be a minefield of legal issues. Hikari has utilized a mediation process of the Japan Securities Dealers Association relating to these new fields. Our attorneys’ experiences range widely, from bad debt collection in the capacity of attorney director to the administration of an insolvent bank.